Wednesday, 29 June 2011

York Cycle Rally

A very very hot Sunday was not brilliant for an 85 mile round trip on the tandem to see the York cycle rally - it really would have been far more sensible to drive - but we've never really been sensible, so we rode there and back.
Here are some of the things we looked at:
JD cycles were there with an impressive range of tandems.
A lovely fixie.
And an equally lovely old Mercian.
A brand new Holdsworth Pro. I always loved these Holdsworths when I was a kid. Sadly production of frames in the UK stopped (like many British frame builders). Falcon Cycles have now started production of the Holdsworth Pro again. Still in the distinctive orange and blue and built from Reynolds tubing, but this time made in a state of the art factory in the far east rather than in a little workshop in England.
And something that is made in England. Feather Cycles.
A hub gear with coaster (back pedal) brake.

Another UK builder. Woodrup of Leeds with a belt drive bike.

But they don't come cheap.
A Woodrup frame made from Reynolds 953 stainless steel.
Another Feather bike.

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