Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Retro Mountain Bike

Here's the latest bike in the collection. It's a '90s rigid fork GT mountain bike that I saw on ebay just a few miles from home.
There are a few scrapes and scratches, but all the components are original and I don't think it's seen much actual use during its lifetime.
I lubed the chain, cleaned the bike, checked everything over, adjusted the brakes and replaced both gear cables.
Today I rode it to work and back (about 7 miles each way) and it's absolutely great. It feels fast, stable and everything works perfectly.
I don't currently have a mountain bike and have been looking at buying something new. I'm now thinking that this will do the job just fine for the occasional blast along the Trans Pennine Trail.
It has the distinctive "triple triangle" frame design associated with GT bikes - I really like this style of frame.
The only additions are my saddle bag and a yellow bottle cage (£1.00 from York Cycle Rally).
And my ebay bargain cost the princely sum of £45.00 - I think I've already had 45 quid's worth of fun in my first few rides!

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