Friday, 8 April 2011

Be frayed, be very frayed. More news on the Surly.

In my eagerness to put the Surly Pacer together using the contents of my spares box I had failed to fit the all important cable - end to the front mech cable. I thought it would hold out for a week or so until I got round to buying one. I was wrong. A frayed tangle of sharp strands perilously close to my delicate little legs.
So a new cable was needed as well.
And the cable end. I should have waited, it's only 20 pence for heaven's sake.
The old wire.
New cable fitted. Proper cable cutters for a clean cut rather than using my teeth or my wife's nail scissors!
I was feeling quite ebullient in the bike shop so I went for red. Safely crimped into place - no more fraying now!
How dare you! It refers to the tires, not me.
700 x 28 Gator Hardshells. I'm pleased with them so far.
I like using the external bottom bracket cups. They're light and durable.
The long reach calipers were the only new things I had to buy when I was putting the bike together.
XTR pedals from the Bob Jackson were a present from Mart, my tandem riding mate.
The Pacer frame was bought on ebay, and it's in lovely condition. The current model comes in British Racing Green.

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