Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A long way for a bacon sandwich

This was our first "proper" tandem ride for what seemed like ages. I'd headed over to Mart's for a 7.30 start but got there for 8.30 (must be something to do with the clocks going forwards!) A cup of tea was called for and we were finally on the road at twenty past nine. Our "long" ride is a flatish 52 mile circular route on quiet rural roads, ducking and weaving around some of the area's main arterial routes. It was a still and hazy morning with the sun threatening to burn through the cloud. Perfect! The sign outside the Farm Cafe invited us to Eat, Drink, Relax. It would have been rude not to.
Two pots of tea in matching china cups (civilized) and only one bacon sandwich. Mart was blathering on about low carb and offered to eat the bacon out of my sandwich. Thanks, but no!
Our route took us over the Aire and Calder navigation near Pollington. I think canals and bikes are the two most enjoyable forms of transport. It was great to get some proper mileage in on the tandem. Our conversation turned to the idea of Lands End to Jon O Groats next year.
A footbridge over the A1, then straight back onto quiet B roads and away from the madness of traffic. The occasional encounter with busy roads like this seemed to heighten the sense of tranquility on the rest of the ride.

The Shimano flight deck computer on the tandem had been out of action which meant that Mart had been unable to obsess over average and top speeds, cadence, splits, etc. He's threatened that it's soon to be replaced with a gps system so he has even more data to analyse. Time for me to get Black Lace's greatest hits on the ipod.......aga doo doo doo, push pineapple, shake the tree.......

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