Sunday, 12 December 2010

Stripped and naked

Here's my Bob Jackson, ready to be boxed and shipped after I sold it on ebay.

My local bike shop gave me a frame box which fit like a glove and held the frame securely and perfectly still.

There was a cardboard tube which fitted through the bottom bracket shell and kept the frame suspended in the box acting like a shock absorber.

Plenty of bubble wrap finished the job off and ensured a comfortable trip to Australia.

My ebay buyer asked me if I would drop the frame off at his parent's house so they could arrange shipping. It turned out that they lived about 10 minutes from my old house in York - so this was easy for me - what's the chances of that happening?

He contacted me some time later to say the frame had arrived safely. He was born in Leeds (as was the frame) and had ridden a Bob Jackson as a teenager in his first time trial, so this was a bit of nostalgia for him.

It was a lovely steel frame (Reynolds 631) and performed beautifully. But these days I'm looking for a little bit more comfort. Looking forward to reporting on the Surly Long Haul Trucker

I hope you're happy in your new life, Bob.

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